Dr. Richard Foltz M.D. FACS

The medical landscape is changing rapidly. Recent advancements in patient care  procedure coupled with significantly increased demand for special surgery has rendered more traditional, patient-focused care unsustainable in contemporary hospitals.

Those old ways, however, often make the difference between a positive, restorative surgical outcome from a deleterious one.

In an effort to effectively merge these two medical worldviews – the ultramodern and the classical – Dr. Richard Foltz M.D. FACS has created a small, boutique practice designed to cater to patients and their families. Together with his curated team of supporting medical professionals, cases are managed directly by the specialist.

That specialization, earned at Duke University Hospital, has informed his continually evolving surgical expertise. As a board certified neurosurgeon, he has extensive experience with minimally invasive techniques and stereotactic surgery as well as surgical alternatives such as radiosurgery.

Additionally, he is able to enact a complete battery of pain management techniques including epidural selective nerve root blocks. This broad expertise allows treatment to be tailored and optimized for individual patients according to their needs.

In a sentence, Dr. Foltz has created a truly comprehensive solution to the problems facing those in need of personalized medicine: North Broward NeuroSpinal Surgery.

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